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Piano Tuning

Piano Tuning

In Virginia, we have four distinct seasons. Daily or monthly changes in temperature and humidity cause the soundboard and other parts of a piano to shrink and swell. This affects the tuning of the piano. Ideally, a piano should be tuned every six months.

To avoid serious problems and costly repairs, never wait longer than a year between tunings.

A new piano needs time to adjust to the individual climatic conditions in your home. Correct tuning is especially important during the first year. Piano manufacturers agree that a piano should be tuned twice a year. As your piano adjusts to its environment, it will improve in performance, as long as it is tuned properly and at regular intervals.

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Piano Repair, stuck key, broken strings, regulation

Piano Repair

With thousands of working parts in a piano action, there are many potential problems that can arise. Midlothian Piano can fix anything, from a sticking key or broken string to complete regulation service of the action.