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Humidity Control System, Midlothian Piano
Humidity Control Systems

Piano Humidity Control System installation

Because a piano is made primarily of wood, it is greatly affected by humidity. Daily or monthly changes in humidity cause wood parts to swell or shrink. This can affect the tuning and the touch or feel of the piano when it is played. High humidity can also create condensation on metal parts, such as strings and tuning pins, and cause them to rust. The shrinking and swelling of the soundboard is one of the most significant things that can happen to a piano. Swelling of the soundboard actually makes the piano rise in pitch. Conversely, shrinking of the soundboard makes the pitch drop.

If this shrinking and swelling of the soundboard is not controlled, the piano's tuning suffers greatly. As a field expert in the installation of Humidity Control systems, Midlothian Piano has helped many customers regain "tuning stability" of their pianos.

In the Richmond area, there are four distinct seasons. Tuning stability is a constant battle. Ask us how to keep your piano in tune between tunings.